Administration and Staff

*Administrative Team

Sarah Degnan-Moje, M.Ed.* Head of School, x44,
Guendolyn Farrales B.A.* Academic Dean, x16,
Sr. Mary Lou Bauman, O.P., M.A.* Dean of Students, x12,
Mary Ann McLean, M.A.* Coordinator of 7th & 8th Grade, x10,
Sharon Buge, M.B.A., C.P.A.* Director of Finance, x36,
Mary Murphy, B.A.* Director of Advancement, x42,
Stephanie DeSarle, M.A Coordinator of Special Events, x37
Darlene Lisotta Database Manager, x33,
Andrea Apruzzese, B.A.* Director of Admissions, x14
Kristen Mallon B.S. Admissions Associate, x11
Jessica McCaig, M.A. Director of Guidance, x17,
Jessica Gordon M.A. Guidance Counselor x13
Administrative Support
Barbara Good Registrar/Assistant to Academic Dean and Admissions, x35,
Lisa Marino Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, x10,
Cynthia Negron Business Office Manager, x28,
Darlene Lisotta Assistant to Head of School, x31,
Ayasser Ramirez, B.S. Technical Support Specialist, x26,
John Nagel Director of Athletics,
Damian Acosta Cleaning/Maintenance
Joseph Viola Cleaning/Maintenance
Gilberto Camacho Cleaning/Maintenance
Food Service Four Seasons Food Management