Julie Peters ’22 Girl Scout Gold Award Project Helps Make Jersey City Greener

Proposed site for the installation of a memorial grove

In an effort to make Jersey City a little greener and to remember the many lives lost to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Girl Scout Gold award project for SDA senior, Julie Peters of Troop 10094 of Jersey City, is the installation of a memorial grove of trees within Leonard Gordon Park, located on Kennedy Boulevard in the Jersey City Heights.  Originally this project came to her as an honor to the deceased Jersey City Councilman Michael Yun, who represented the Jersey City Heights.  Councilman Yun was an early victim of the coronavirus, succumbing to it in early April of 2020.  However, as the victims of Covid-19 kept increasing, she decided to have her project remember all the Jersey City victims of the pandemic, including her uncle, who died two months ago. The plan is for the project to include a stand of 20 flowering trees with a QR code that identifies its purpose.  Students raised money to donate the trees to the city for the grove, we are happy to help sponsor of this memorial project.