Saint Dominic Academy Students Attend Disney YES Program

Magic Kingdom1

Saint Dominic Academy was invited by Walt Disney World to participate in their Youth Education Series (YES) program; a series of workshops for high school students. 10 students in grades 9-12 were selected to participate in this endeavor.  From March 6-9, the girls along with Mrs. Farrales and Ms. Soriano, attended sessions at both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT (R) focused on Disney Leadership Strategies, Evolution of Technology, and Properties of Motion Physics Lab. Each workshop was approximately three hours long after which the group had time to spend in the parks to witness, first hand, what they had learned in the individual workshops.  

Highlights of the trip included the Leadership workshop about which a freshman said, “I was surprised with all the knowledge I acquired throughout the trip. I got the most out of the first seminar, “Disney Leadership”. I learned about being a leader in many settings, from a multi-million dollar corporation to our own school. This seminar inspired me to be a leader in my life now and in my future career.”

Chaperone Ms. Soriano shared, “ I was so impressed with the Disney YES Program, the facilitators, and the workshops. The lessons were very hands-on and applicable to the real world. Despite being early in the morning, the facilitators kept the girls engaged, enthusiastic, and focused. The Leadership seminar was exceptionally great and really spoke to our student ambassadors. It was so refreshing to see the girls learning and having fun.   On a side note, I’d like to say how proud I am of all the compliments our students received. Every Disney YES facilitator we met with took notice of the girls’ manners, kindness, and eagerness to learn.”