SDA Junior Shares her ÊtreGirls Experience

SDA Junior Kayla Stewart met the founder of ÊtreGirls in 2018 during a YWCA program that was focused on empowering sophomore girls. At the program, Kayla had the chance to meet several influential women leaders from all different professions including EtreGirls founder, illana Raia who shared her story about how and why she created ÊtreGirls.   

According to the website,, Ms. Raia says, “there are wise words being exchanged among women today – wouldn’t it be great if we could share them with our girls?”   

Shortly after meeting Raia, Kayla joined ÊtreGirls. Not long after, Raia launched her Lunch and Learn project, which basically gives members the amazing opportunity to visit various companies and meet the leading women who work there. Kayla said, “Since joining EtreGirls, I have visited Viacom, Google, YouTube, Morgan Stanley, the New York Stock Exchange, and Goldman Sachs. In addition to the Lunch and Learns, being a member has also given me the opportunity to go to exclusive events such as the Geena Davis Institute Symposium and have an interview with Nell Merlino, creator of  Bring Our Kids to Work Day, at The Wing. Every one of these experiences has changed the way I think about my future and the things I can accomplish.”

To that end, Kayla recently encouraged several of her classmates to join her on a mentorship trip to the Goldman Sachs Headquarters in NYC. They had the opportunity to tour the building and talk to amazing women about their roles at the company. She said, “It was a great experience to be out in the workforce.”