SDA Students Visit PVSC Labs

Students in SDA’s Chemistry Honors and AP Chemistry classes had the opportunity to visit the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission for a  Lab Day.  Accompanied by Dr. Ronald Schreck and Ms. Cristina Manuel, the students had the opportunity to tour the water treatment facility and the water analysis lab.  According to the PVSC, “the primary objective of the event was to showcase various careers within the sciences, raise awareness of the important role labs play in society, and specifically educate the students regarding lab procedures and responsibilities.”

After each student received safety glasses and a lab coat, they broke into groups and visited the various work stations that are led by either a chemist or lab technician.  They experienced what goes on in a lab on a daily basis by not only observing several wastewater analyses but also having a hands-on opportunity to perform the analyses themselves.  They also learned about safety procedures in the laboratory and about the state and federal regulations that are followed by the PVSC.  A senior in the AP Chemistry class shared, “It was a truly amazing experience with incredibly intelligent people. The labs were fascinating, and it was impressive to see what goes on past our use of water.”