Stellar Cross Country Season for Kayla Sullivan and Milani Bethel

St. Dominic Academy senior Kayla Sullivan has been selected All- State (All Non Public) for the fourth straight year. This is a noteworthy accomplishment. She is the first SDA performer to be selected four years in a row. Kayla was selected third team all non-public/Parochial (which COMBINES Groups A and B, unlike the public school groups that have stand-alone Groups 1/2/3 and 4. Sullivan the North B sectional champion would clearly have been first team Group B if the parochials were divided. In her four years, Kayla has made third team twice and 2nd team twice. Sullivan’s aunt Liane Sullivan Rae ‘90 of Portland, Oregon was a second team ALL state selection Indoors and Outdoors 1989-90. Milani Bethel who finished fourth in the North sectional race was a near miss for selection. Milani, also a senior has been selected All State Indoor and Outdoor Track on a number of occasions.

Prior to these girls the last SDA student athlete (in any sport) selected all state was Camille Bertholon’16 who is currently a nurse have completed her scholarship career as a captain at the University of Rhode Island

Milani Bethel

Kayla Sullivan


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