Tuition for the current school year is $10,750, which includes a $750 Activity and Book Fee.
Limited financial aid is available.

Total due at Registration on February 7, 2015 is a nonrefundable registration fee of $400.
Accepted forms of payment are check, credit card, or money order.

All tuition is paid through the online tuition management company – FACTS Management Services,

FACTS Log In Page


There are three tuition payment plans available:

Plan A – Annual Payment in Full by July 1, 2015

No account set-up fee for FACTS. You save the $300 management fee.

Plan B – Semi-Annual Payments: Two equal payments due July 1, 2015 & December 1, 2015

A one-time fee of $35 charged by FACTS for account set-up and tuition payer insurance.
A $100 management fee is included in the payment amounts.  A $50 late charge will be applied by FACTS to any past due balances.

Plan C – 11 equal payments beginning in June, 2015 and ending in April, 2016.

Payment is due on the 15th of each month.
A one-time fee of $60 is charged by FACTS for account set-up and tuition payer insurance.
A $300 management fee is included in the payment amounts. A $50 late charge will be applied by FACTS to any past due balances.

Tuition Adjustments

Sisters Discount
When there are two or more sisters, living in the same household, enrolled at Saint Dominic Academy at the same time, there is a $500 reduction in tuition for each sister. For two sisters, the total tuition reduction is $1000 and for three sisters, the total tuition reduction is $1,500 etc.

Legacy Grants – 7th to 12th Grade
Legacy grants are awarded to academically qualified students who are daughters or granddaughters of a member of the SDA community.

Tuition Assistance and Academic Scholarships
Tuition Assistance is need-based. To be considered for tuition assistance, families must complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documents to FACTS Grant and Aid Assistance at Please adhere to all deadlines.  Anyone who applies for tuition assistance through FACTS must also apply for the Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children (see below).

If you have been awarded any financial aid or scholarship funds your monthly payments will be reduced by the amount awarded, divided over 11 payments.

The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children (SFIC) – 7th to 12th Grade

For families residing and attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Newark. Awards are based on financial need and are awarded without regard to religion, race or ethnicity. Applications are available starting in October of each year at Catholic school offices or at  They must be postmarked by the deadline established by SFICNJ.

St. Dominic Academy Academic Scholarships
St. Dominic Academy offers a limited number of scholarships to Incoming Freshmen based on a student’s academic accomplishments on the COOP exam.

St. Dominic Academy Scholarship Program
St. Dominic Academy offers a limited number of academic scholarships to Incoming Freshmen  based on a variety of criteria related to elementary school records and a COOP score.  Applications will be reviewed by the St. Dominic Academy Scholarship committee.

If a student is awarded any tuition assistance and/or an academic scholarship, their tuition is reduced by that amount, divided over 11 payments.

Schedule of Additional Fees

Advanced Placement Courses

Charge for testing fees paid by the school
Charge is $90 per course
Charged to your account in February

Graduation Fee

  • Senior year only: $400
  • Charged to your tuition account in July
  • Charge covers: cap and gown, flowers, diploma and student’s baccalaureate dinner

Athletic Fee

  • Charges to your tuition account: $100 per season of participation in a sport
  • Charged in October for soccer, volleyball, fall track, tennis
  • Charged in January for basketball, swimming, indoor track
  • Charged in March for softball and spring track

Other Fees

  • Registration fee for all students $400
  • A $50 fee will be incurred for all late tuition or fee payments
  • A $100 fee will be incurred for changes to payment Plan A or Plan B (annual or semi-annual) to Plan C (monthly)
  • A $100 fee will be incurred to change payment method from automatic payment (ACH) to invoice, or the reverse.
  • During the school year there may be other optional charges to your tuition account, with your approval, for activities such as the glee club trip, glee club gowns, yearbooks, etc.