“The King and I” Curtain rises in January

Cast List

The King and I

Friday, January 18th and Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Anna Leonowens Rachel Perrie
Lady Thiang Alyssa Fuentes
Tuptim Valentyna Simon
The King of Siam Moses Garcia
The Kralahome Reagan Mattiello
Lun Tha Colin White
Louis(a) Leonowens Abigail Degnan
Prince Chululongkorn Gabby Beredo
Captain Orton Jessica Stanley
The Interpreter Alison Mah
Phra Alack Caitlin Aristizabal
Sir Edward Ramsey Veronica Dominguez
Princess Ying Yaowlak SDA Family/TBA
Royal Wives Téa Baramidze (One of the Wives)

Christis Shepard (Another Wife)

Angelina Taite

Isabella Goncalves

Members of Drama Class

Royal Dancers Aisha Adeboye and SDA’s Dance Team
Royal Princes and Princesses SDA Family/TBA
Buddhist Priests, Amazons, Guards, Deckhands Ensemble