Student Activities

Student Council: The Student Council’s main purpose is to represent the student body, thereby creating a better understanding between faculty and students. The Council consists of an Executive Board, and representatives from each grade. Meetings are held several times a month. The Student Council is responsible for: 


  • The Spirit Committee: The Spirit Committee/Social Committee is a committee with a two-fold purpose: to keep the students informed of all extra-curricular activities and to keep the spirit of Saint Dominic Academy alive. All senior students are encouraged to join the Spirit Committee
  • Announcements: Announcements are shared during Morning Meeting and sometimes made over the PA system. Announcements usually pertain to special events or changes in posted activities.  Club meetings and athletic events will be posted on the school calendar 
  • Student Elections: The Student Council implements and supervises all student elections for both Student Council Representatives and Executive Board nominations/officers according to a prescribed and impartial process


Peer Ministry: This youth-to-youth ministry enables young people to share their creativity, vision, vitality and generosity with other young people. This form of ministry has as its end the mutual building up of a faith community in which young people foster within each other spiritual and emotional growth. Learned skills help students to be effective witnesses, leaders, and carriers of the message of Jesus. 


Publications: DOMINICA (Yearbook): Seniors and juniors work to prepare Dominica. Various staffs such as Literary, Layout, Photography, Business, and Public Relations contribute toward making our yearbook a viable history of Saint Dominic Academy. 


ELAN (Literary Magazine): Elan is representative of all class years and allows individuals to creatively express their thoughts and ideas through writing, art, and photography. It enables students to critique literary and artistic pieces and gain an appreciation for the artistic potential of their fellow students.