“My girls and I have discussed in length why they went to Saint Dominic Academy. The choice was made with the following considerations –

for me, education is one of the most important things a parent can give their child(ren). For my daughters, SDA was a perfect fit. Outside of the strong academic programs, the school offers a loving, nurturing environment and so much more. SDA has taken each of my daughters at difference stages in their lives and help guide them to become the strong, successful young ladies that I get to proudly call my daughters.

When I asked my daughters for words to describe SDA – this is how they responded. Meghan ’03: sisterhood, proud, grateful and Kierstyn ’10: comfort, family, confidence.

On a personal note, being a single mother of four children (one son and three daughters), the financial obligation to a private school is not an easy one, and at times has been very difficult to maintain. Many things needed to be sacrificed in order to give my children the best educational opportunities available. Not one sacrifice was ever regretted. Not even driving around in a 15 year old car that would break down every other day. Words cannot describe how fortunate we are to have a school like SDA. I will be forever grateful for all that SDA has provided to each of my three daughters.”

AnnMarie Callahan, parent ’03, ’10 and ’13


“My SDA experience? The most beneficial part for me, now having had time to look back, would definitely be the sense of community. I say this not only in the way SDA is like a community, but also how your time here teaches you how to become a part of a larger community. It taught me how to make strong connections with people and also how to become more active. SDA really allowed me to ground myself as a person and figure out what I felt was most important to me. My SDA experience was something that really shaped me into the person I have become. I was fully able to realize my potential and through that was able to establish confidence in my abilities. SDA was able to prepare me academically for where I am today. However, what I found to be more valuable was how SDA allowed me to be able to be sure of myself in any situation as a result of the close knit environment it fosters.

Jade Loh ’10

I saw my girls grow from little girls into women who are confident and independent. I feel comfortable that they will be able to handle anything that they may encounter in their future.”

Lorraine Laurie, parent ’05, ’12

“I always look back on SDA with warm affection. As a wild and crazy teenager, I definitely did not appreciate the opportunity that was given me for a good educational foundation at the time. I know, now, that those strong educational roots have helped me both in my advanced educational pursuits and my professional career.”

June Gagen Ryan ’74