Academics – High School



Saint Dominic Academy, a college-preparatory high school operating under a single curriculum, grants the same type of diploma to all students. Through proper planning each student should be able to develop a program of studies which relates to her abilities, interests, goals and ambitions.

We are anxious that every student make the most of her selection of courses, and we have established a counseling system for this purpose. When the student chooses a course or needs help with future plans, her counselor will guide her toward finding the answers which are best for her. Her counselor will encourage her to come to her own decisions and plan her own actions for the future so that when she leaves Saint Dominic Academy, she will be able to make wise decisions about herself and her life in an independent way.

All students must register for not less than five full year academic courses a year. Academic courses are those offered in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Languages and Religion.

Course selection is held in the spring of each year. Course selection sheets are issued to the student after re-registration. Students are encouraged to consult with their parents in the final choice of electives. A parent or legal guardian must sign the student’s course selection sheet before it is submitted to her guidance counselor.

The school reserves the right to drop any course in which a sufficient number of students are not enrolled. The Guidance Counselor reserves the right to make an adjustment of subject choice. Honors and accelerated course selections require signatures of approval from Department Chairpersons.

Course changes requested by the student, with parent permission, after scheduling has begun depend upon available space. Payment of $25.00 change-of-course fee is required after the close of registration. Students will have one designated week in the summer to clarify any scheduling issues.



Certain minimum requirements have been established by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Saint Dominic Academy for graduation. These are expressed in terms of successful completion of specific courses and credits.

Students are required to successfully complete courses in the following areas (numbers refer to years of study): Religious Studies – 4 (Includes 75 hours of Christian Service); English – 4;  U.S. History – 2; Physical Education – 4; Health and Driver Education – 4; Mathematics – 4; World Language – 2; Science – 3 (3 lab sciences); World History – 1; Electives – 4; Art – ¼; Music – ¼;

Full year major courses earn 5 credits; one-semester courses earn 2.5 credits. Two one-semester courses may substitute for a full year.

The credit for Career Development is satisfied by the use of an infusion method in all subject areas and a Career Day.

Students must pass every course in which they are enrolled. A full year failure must be made up in a sixty hour summer session before the student may return to Saint Dominic Academy in the fall. The administration reserves the right to discontinue the enrollment of any student who fails two or more courses in a year. The decision whether any student will be dismissed by reason of academic failure shall be at the discretion of the administration.



Students in the seventh and eighth grade program are expected by the Academy to meet the challenge of an academically accelerated program. Admission into the program is contingent upon students’outstanding completion of the sixth and/ or seventh grade curriculum of their current schools, a review of their standardized test scores, an entrance exam administered by Saint Dominic Academy, and an interview with the Director of Admissions.

(see Admissions – 7th and 8th Grade for more information about Academics)  



Any student with an extended illness is eligible for Home Instruction from her local Board of Education under Chapter 192/Laws of 1977 after a two-week waiting period. The form (NJDE 407-1) to apply for Home Instruction may be obtained from the guidance counselor.

In order to establish equitable standards for grading students on Home Instruction, all the criteria mentioned in the handbook on Marks must be included for the quarterly grades for each student. A student on home tutoring must also meet the academic standards as set by the Administration of Saint Dominic Academy. The final grade for a student on home tutoring will be determined in light of the following criteria:

  1. Successful completion of the specified curriculum.
  2. Grades from the tutor.
  3. Quality of assigned work and outside work.
  4. Exams may be administered by authorized personnel from Saint Dominic Academy as required.