Graduation Requirements

During their four years at SDA, our students follow a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

An honors program of accelerated and advanced placement courses is offered to the most gifted students and virtually 100 percent of our graduates attend major colleges and universities.

Certain minimum requirements have been established by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Saint Dominic Academy for graduation. These are expressed in terms of successful completion of specific courses and credits.

Students are required to successfully complete courses in the following areas (numbers refer to years of study): Religious Studies – 4 (Includes 40 hours of Christian Service);

Course Years
English 4
  1. Full year major courses earn – 5 credits.
  2. One-semester courses earn –  2.5 credits.
  3. Two one-semester courses may substitute
    for a full year.
American History 2
Physical Education 4
Health and Driver Education 4
Mathematics 4
World Language 2
(2 lab sciences)
World History 1
Electives 4
Art 1/4
Music 1/4

The credit for Career Development is satisfied by the use of an infusion method in all subject areas, an annual career day and attendance at a variety of career fairs.

A full year failure must be made up in a sixty hour summer session before the student may return to Saint Dominic Academy in the fall. The administration reserves the right to discontinue the enrollment of any student who fails two or more courses in a year. The decision whether any student will be dismissed by reason of academic failure shall be at the discretion of the administration.

Scheduling Changes

The school reserves the right to drop any course in which a sufficient number of students is not enrolled. The Guidance Counselor has the authority to make an adjustment of subject choice. Some course selections require signatures of approval from Department Chairperson and Guidance Counselors. Course changes requested by the student after scheduling has begun depend on available space and require parental approval.


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