College Application Process

The College Application Process should be exciting but often leads to stress for students and parents. Your counselors are ready to answer any questions that you may have. This page offers you a basic outline of the steps you need to take when applying to colleges.

General Tips for the Applying:

  1. Begin the process early
  2. Begin your application at least one month before the deadline to be sure
    everything gets there on time!
  3. Be Organized
  4. Know Your Deadlines

Applying to College: The Four Part Process

  1. Your Application
  1. Counselor Recommendations and Your Transcript
  • Provide your counselor with the Transcript Request Form prior to your application deadline to ensure everything arrives on time
  1. Teacher(s) Recommendation
  • Fill out the Letter of Recommendation Request form (located outside the Guidance Office)
  • Provide teachers with at least two weeks notice prior to your application deadline
  1. Send your Standardized Test Scores

Follow- Up after Applying:

  1. Track Your Application Status
  2. Apply for scholarships