Saint Dominic Academy is a school where you will receive an outstanding college preparatory education amongst a richly diverse community of learners. You will be part of a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. And, in a nurturing and supportive environment, you will have the opportunity to discover who you are and what you want to be! You will become empowered to lead and succeed.

You will learn in a value-centered environment surrounded by God’s love.

You will know the kindness, support and encouragement of your friends and teachers. You will take challenging classes and work with teachers who give new meaning to the word “dedicated.”

You will form life-long friendships, and you will build skills to help you excel in a world of contrasting paths, personalities and viewpoints.

You will create your own high school experience without any judgments or stereotypical expectations placed upon you! With an outstanding curriculum, over thirty clubs and activities, performance and service opportunities and an extensive selection of JV and Varsity athletics, SDA offers something for every student.

Come join the Saint Dominic Academy family, 145 years strong!

Please bring with you, your gifts, skills and talents, and especially, your hopes, goals and dreams.

Come, be inspired!


SDA Admissions Office
201-434-5938 ext. 502