We believe that it is important for students to participate in athletic activities at a level that is appropriate to individual abilities and interests. Athletics exist primarily as an essential part of each student’s full education.  Members of the Saint Dominic Academy community (parents/players/ visitors/ faculty and staff) shall at all times represent themselves and their school/community with honor, proper conduct, and good sportsmanship.  Healthy rivalries, based on mutual respect for opponents, are good, but disrespect for opponents is both unhealthy and unsportsmanlike. Any player ejected from any athletic contest will not play the next game. 

Saint Dominic Academy reserves the right to bench a player for unsportsmanlike conduct, grades, behavior, excessive absences or unexcused lateness that may result in detentions during both practices and games, which may have an impact on the rest of the team’s ability to compete. If a student is in academic jeopardy (below a 1.5) in any class the student-athlete will not be allowed to practice or participate in competition until the grade is above a 1.5.