Student Clubs

Each fall, the Academy hosts a Club Fair for students. As the students generate new topics, they can start a new club. Students are encouraged to speak with the Dean of Student Leadership and Activities to learn more. A listing of some of the long-standing clubs: 


Asian Interest Club: Asian Interest Club is a venue for students to learn more and appreciate Asian culture, discover the heritage of the eastern traditions and deliberate on issues concerning Asian Americans. Everyone is welcome to join – Asian and non-Asian alike. 


Dominican Youth in Action: In keeping with the charisma of our Dominican tradition, this club seeks to preach the Gospel through social action and prayer. Students engage in collecting food and clothing for the needy, preparing sandwiches, addressing social injustice through letter writing and holding prayer vigils. 


The “Dominoes”: The Dominoes, Saint Dominic Academy’s elite choir, are chosen by special audition from among the Glee Club’s most advanced and committed singers. Membership in the Dominoes is limited to 35 and maintenance of membership is enforced by a strict attendance policy. The Dominoes perform at all Glee Club concerts, school fun functions, community events and in famous venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the United Nations and most recently at the Nassau Coliseum. Members are required to attend all performances. 


French Club: Students will explore the culture of France and Francophone. This would include the country’s language, cuisine, art, music, dance, dress and customs. 


The Glee Club: The Glee Club is Saint Dominic Academy’s concert choir and welcomes all students who demonstrate some talent for singing along with dedication and commitment. At 100 members, the Glee Club is the largest club in the school. Its major performances are the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert and annual competition, usually in Myrtle Beach or some other southern destination. The Glee Club holds weekly practices and members must maintain acceptable attendance to remain in the choir. 


LINK Crew: Link Crew is a leadership program open to juniors and seniors. The purpose of this club is to train leaders to be positive role models, motivators and mentors who guide the freshmen in a year-long transition program. Orientation and Frost 101 are part of the activities that will be student led. Link Crew has an intensive 3 day training program and meets bi-weekly to prepare activities. 


Science Club: Science Club is for any student who has great interest and passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This club will help students better understand what STEM is all about. Members will do a variety of challenging hands-on experiments and they will also do both academic and social events throughout the year. 


Spanish Club: Students will explore the culture of Hispanic Countries. This would include the countries’ language, cuisine, art, music, dance, dress and customs. 


Student Ambassador Club: Students are invited to contribute to Saint Dominic Academy’s recruitment and public relations efforts by joining the Student Ambassador Club and serving as Saint Dominic Academy’s ‘ambassadors.’ Members volunteer at admissions events such as Open House and Accepted Students Day. They may also represent Saint Dominic Academy at high school information nights and serve as Student for a Day hostesses for prospective students. This is a great way for students to demonstrate their pride in Saint Dominic Academy.