Mrs. Gaylor Wade, B.A. 
 Judith Palacio
Ms. Dena Arguelles, M.A.
Ms. Katelyn Regan
Ms. Sarah Degnan-Moje, Dept. Chair, B.A., M.Ed.
Ms. Violeta McKenzie, M.A.
Ms. Mary Ann McLean, M.A.
Mr. Joseph Babico
Fine Arts
Mr. Joseph Napoli, Dept. Chair, M.A.
History-Social Studies
Mr. Andrew Currie, B.S.
Mr. James German, B.A.
Mr. Joseph Napoli, M.A.
Dr. Joseph Santora, Dept. Chair, M.A., Ed.D
Mr. Christopher Kempf, B.A.
Ms. M. Guendolyn Farrales, Dept. Chair, B.A..
Mr. Isagani Tubera, M.A.
Physical Education:
Ms. Kristen Mallon, B.S.
Dr. Joseph Santora, Dept. Chair, Ed.D.
Religious Education
Ms. Mahalia Armea, B.A.
Ms. Joan Dineen Simon, Religion Dept. Chair, M.A., M.Ed.
Mr. James German, B.A.
 Ms. M. Guendolyn Farrales, Dept. Chair, B.A.
 Ms. Christina Manuel, M.A.
 Ms. Joseilyn Valbuena, B.A.
 Ms. Lori Palmieri, B.A.
 World Language
 Mary Ann McLean, Dept. Chair, M.A.
 Ms. Violetta McKenzie, M.A.
 Ms. Leslie Pretat, B.A.
 Ms. Jessica McCaig, M.A.
 Director of Guidance
 Ms. Jessica Gordon, M.A.
 Guidance Counselor
Sarah Degnan-Moje, M.Ed, Head of School
 Ms. M. Guendolyn Farrales, Academic Dean
 Sr. Mary Lou Bauman, O.P., M.A., M.A.,
      Dean of Students
 Mary Ann McLean, M.A.,
      Coordinator of 7th & 8th Grade
 Andrea Apruzzese, B.A.,
      Director of Admissions/Financial Aid
 Sharon Buge, M.B.A., C.P.A.,
      Director of Finance 
 Mary Murphy, B.A.,
      Director of Advancement
 Barbara Good, Registrar/Assistant to Academic Dean & Admissions
 Lisa Marino, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
 Cynthia Negron, Business Office Manager
 Darlene Lisotta, Assistant Director of Advancement
 Ayasser Ramirez, B.S., IT Support
 Donna Butto, R.N.  x46
Damian Acosta  X24
Thomas Cantwell  X24
 Alex Serrano  X24