Social Studies

The focus of the Social Studies Department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible citizens in an ever-changing global community.  To this end, the Social Studies Department provides for the core requirements and offers a variety of electives.

All freshmen are required to study World History.  Sophomores and juniors take United States History I and II.  Honors courses are currently offered in World History and United States History I and United States History II. Beginning in junior year, students have the opportunity to select elective courses.

601 WORLD HISTORY (9) Required Course Credits 5.0
World History is the study of eastern and western cultures from ancient time to the present. Important concepts discussed include: the ancient empires of Asia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome; the Renaissance; the Intellectual and Industrial Revolutions; nation building in the Middle East and Africa; and contemporary Latin America. The goals of this course center on providing students with a solid basis for understanding historical events that have shaped the modern world.
621 WORLD HISTORY  (Honors) (9) Required Course Credits 5.0
Students in Honors World History will cover the topics included in the description for World History. Emphasis will be placed on the students’ doing individual and group in- depth study on these topics to increase their understanding of the cultures and the countries studied in this course. The goal of this program is to provide the students with the skills and the opportunities to become independent learners and critical thinkers.

Prerequisite: Invitation to the Honors Program

622 UNITED STATES HISTORY I (10) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course begins with a study of the American Revolution and culminates with the events of the late 19th century. U.S. History I emphasizes the development of political, economic, religious and social freedom in the New World with special attention given to the treatment of minorities. The development of the American form of government, the physical growth of the nation and sectionalism are major topics.
612 ADVANCED PLACEMENT UNITED STATES HISTORY I  (10) Required Course Credits 6.0
Students in United States History I Honors will complete the requirements for the course listed above. In addition, students in this course will be required to do more independent research and analysis of the material leading them to develop a wider view and a deeper understanding of the topics discussed in this course.

Prerequisite: Invitation to the AP Program

653 UNITED STATES HISTORY II (11) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course will begin with the Progressive Era and focus on the continued growth of the United States and our interaction with the countries of the world into the twenty-first century. Major topics will include the impact of industrialization, the Great Depression, democracy and nationalism, major world conflicts, and the leadership role of the United States.
Students in United States History II Honors will fulfill the requirements for the course listed above. In addition, students in this course will continue to enhance the independent research and analysis skills learned in United States History I. An important component of this class is the emphasis on critical writing skills and assessment of historical documents.

Pre-requisites: A 3.0 GPA in AP US History I is required.

663 ADVANCED PLACEMENT U.S. GOVERNMENT (12) Elective Course Credits 6.0
Advanced Placement United States Government has been designed as a third or fourth year Social Studies elective. AP US Government is a detailed survey of the operation and functioning of the Federal government with a balance of political and social materials. AP US Government involves both the study of general concepts used to interpret U S politics and the analysis of specific case studies. AP US Government closely follows the ETS Guidelines.

The Advanced Placement US Government course is a one year course that is designed to prepare the student to compete in the AP testing program conducted by the Educational Testing Service. Achieving of sufficiently high scores on the AP test can earn the student college credit or the equivalent from a large number of colleges and universities. The course will also provide the student with a high level of background in both content and skills as a preparation for advanced study in college.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of AP US History I (for 11th grade) or AP US History II (for 12th grade).

645 ADVANCED PLACEMENT PSYCHOLOGY (12) Elective Course Credits 6.0
This year-long course presents an in-depth introduction to psychology. Students will learn to think critically about the nature of human thought and behavior, the causes of abnormal behavior, and formulate holistic definitions of psychological health. Areas of study include the use of the scientific method and statistics in research; mental abnormalities; life-cycles and therapy. Students are required to take the Advanced Placement Exam in May.

Prerequisite: A 3.0 GPA for Sophomore and Junior years. Departmental approval is required.

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