Guidance Department

The Guidance Department is rooted in the mission statement of Saint Dominic Academy, empowering young women for leadership. Counselors serve students in grades 7-12 and ideally follow a student throughout her high school career. Students meet with their counselor annually to discuss their growth and development, short and long term goals, standardized test scores, and college planning. The Guidance Department works in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, and the administration to monitor each student’s success.


7th/8th GRADE GUIDANCE (Counselor: Ms. Ruiz)

During 7th/8th grade, students will meet with their counselor periodically. Topics covered include: communication skills, self-esteem, goal-setting, study skills, testing anxiety, middle school to high school transition, and more.


Grade 9 GUIDANCE (Counselor: Ms. Ruiz) 

In Freshman year, the emphasis is on helping students make a smooth transition into high school. In the beginning of the school year, freshmen will complete an intake form with their counselor to help establish their connection to SDA. Their counselor will meet with each student to assist them in mastering the social and learning skills needed to secure the foundation for a successful high school career. 


Grade 10 GUIDANCE (Counselor: Ms. Ruiz)

Sophomores are introduced to the Naviance Program, which they will continue to use throughout their Senior year. Counselors assist students in interpreting the results of a self-assessment survey and career interest inventory. Researching various careers and future planning are emphasized.


Grade 11(Counselor: Mrs. McCaig)

Juniors are guided through managing the entire college selection and application process. Students are reminded about time management, and select dates to take the SAT/ACT. Their counselor assists students in conducting individual college searches and also brings the junior class to a large college fair. The college essay, interviewing skills, and tips on college visits will also be discussed at our annual college panel. 


Grade 12  GUIDANCE (Counselor: Mrs. McCaig) 

In Senior year, counselors meet with students to review their finalized list of college choices and to assist them step by step as they apply to colleges. Topics will include filling out applications, use of the Common App, requesting transcripts, teachers’ letters of recommendation, scholarship applications, and financial aid.