SDA offers a challenging math program to all students.

The core math courses fulfill high school math requirements while preparing students for success in college math. Math instructors work to develop a strong foundation of mathematical skills in students and to enable them to reason “mathematically.” Students are required to participate in a minimum of three math courses, one during each of their freshman through junior years: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

Accelerated sections of each of these courses are offered for advanced students. Those in the Honors math program have Geometry Accelerated, Algebra II Honors and Pre-Calculus Honors in their junior year and AP Calculus in their senior year. Upper class women may choose from many additional math electives, including College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and Statistics.

1 Pre-Algebra  (7) Required Course Credits 10.0
Pre-Algebra is a two-semester course designed to prepare 7th grade students for achievement in Algebra I and higher-level math courses. Basic math skills are reviewed and reinforced, algebraic concepts are introduced and problem solving and critical thinking skills are emphasized. With the introduction of variables, expression, equations and mathematical properties, students develop the skills necessary to progress into first year algebra. Course goals will be to prepare the student to enter into the college prep algebra sequence. Developing organizational skills in areas such as note taking, test taking, and neatness is essential.
301 ALGEBRA I (9) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course covers signed numbers, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, the Cartesian plane, quadratic equations and graphing linear and systems of equations. Word problems are introduced in every topic.
311 ALGEBRA I (Honors) (9) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course will run parallel to Algebra I except in greater depth and at a faster pace. Time permitting, other advanced topics will be covered.

Prerequisite: Invitation to the Honors Experience

302 GEOMETRY (10) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course develops a deductive geometry in the Euclidean sense through a series of postulates and theorems. Topics covered include points, lines, angles, planes, triangle congruence, similar polygons, circles, areas and volumes of prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres, and other three dimensional figures. Emphasis is on logical deductive thinking.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra I

332 GEOMETRY (Honors) (9&10) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course is designed to cover the same topics as in Geometry; however, they are covered in more depth. As topics are developed, students are led to discover proofs and theorems for themselves. Applications of these theorems are more involved and are dealt with on a more abstract level. Proofs are emphasized.

Prerequisites: 3.5 average in Algebra I and Departmental Approval.

313 ALGEBRA II (Honors) (10) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course is designed to develop a mastery of: mathematical concepts and skills learned in Algebra I and advanced algebraic concepts. The topics include properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities, linear relations and functions, systems of equations and inequalities, operations on polynomials and rational polynomial expressions, roots, quadratic equations, relations and functions, conics, polynomial functions, exponents, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and identities, and right triangle trigonometry.

Prerequisite: 3.5 GPA in Algebra I and Departmental approval.

303 ALGEBRA II (11) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course redevelops topics of Algebra I at a more advanced level. It deals with properties of real numbers, exponents and radicals, techniques for simplifying algebraic expressions, solutions of equations and inequalities, factoring operations on polynomials and conic sections. There is an emphasis on graphing linear and quadratic functions.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry.

394 ADVANCED PLACEMENT CALCULUS AB (12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course is patterned after the material suggested for Calculus AB Advanced Placement Program. Students in this class are required to take the AP examination in May. The course begins with a review of functions. This is followed by a study of limits and continuity; derivatives of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, and their applications; anti-derivatives and their applications, techniques of integration, the definite integral and applications of the integral.

Prerequisite: Average of 3.25 in Pre-Calculus/departmental approval.

324 PRE CALCULUS (12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course aims to provide a challenging college preparatory math. After a review of Algebra and Geometry, the topics to be covered are: polynomial and rational functions, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences and series, trigonometry and exponential functions, and probabilities and their applications.

Prerequisite: 3.0 in Algebra II or 3.0 in Geometry (Honors) and Departmental Approval

333 PRE-CALCULUS (Honors) (11&12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course is designed to prepare students to study Calculus. The topics covered include polynomial, rational, exponential/logarithmic and trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and formulas, linear and nonlinear systems of equations, sequences and series, and sonic sections. The course also covers limits, continuity and differentiation. There is a strong throughout the course on graphical analysis and applications.

Prerequisite: 3.5 or higher in Algebra II and Department Approval

354 COLLEGE ALGEBRA (12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course is an engaging course for students who intend to pursue college work and wish to reinforce their algebraic skills before their actual college career. Topics to be covered are: real numbers, linear equations and inequalities, exponents and polynomials, rational expressions, roots and radicals, quadratic equations and inequalities, and relations and functions.
364 STATISTICS (11&12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course is designed for students who want to understand the methods used to conduct statistical research. The course covers the general terminology of statistics. Data types, scientific sampling techniques and measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion are covered.

A strong emphasis is placed on the study of theoretical and experimental probability. Various discrete and continuous probability distributions are also covered. Additional topics include hypotheses testing, confidence intervals, correlation and regression. Throughout the course a strong emphasis is placed on real life applications.

(11&12) Elective Course Credits 5.0
This course will provide students with the basics of money management, including the creation of both short and long-term financial goals. It will provide real-world applications on topics like checking, saving, credit types, managing credit, paying for college, budgeting, investing, financial pitfalls, career, taxes, and insurance.

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