English Department

The SDA English Department provides a thorough language arts experience to all students emphasizing reading, writing, vocabulary, critical analysis, and public speaking. 

Students learn research, MLA (Modern Language Association) writing style, literary theory, and critical thinking which will prepare them to engage as articulate, thoughtful participants at college institutions and beyond. Empathy is fostered through reading and discussing diverse experiences which are both fictional and nonfiction, contemporary and traditional.

All students are required to complete 20 credits (4 years) of English. Freshman English requires students to read different genres of writing and engage in various modes of composition and presentation. In subsequent years, students will study American Literature, Comparative Literature (an examination of multinational classics coexisting in a global community), and enduring World Literature classics. Personal narratives and college essays will be workshopped. Two AP courses are available by permission of the Department: Composition (in the Junior year) and Literature (in the Senior year).

101 ENGLISH I (9) Required Course Credits 5.0
In freshman year, students explore literature utilizing a thematic approach which encompasses all genres of writing: poetry, nonfiction, short stories, novels and plays. There is a focus on writing with particular emphasis on the different modes of writing and the writing process. Mechanical skills and vocabulary development are stressed throughout the year. In addition, students learn the steps of research and writing an MLA style research paper.
102 AMERICAN LITERATURE (10) Required Course Credits 5.0
During grade ten, students explore American literature with an emphasis on building critical thinking skills and honing the skills necessary for interpreting and analyzing literature. Literary terminology is reinforced throughout the year. Mechanics and vocabulary development are stressed in conjunction with writing. Writing instruction in this year concentrates on expository writing requiring literary analysis. An MLA style research paper is a major project during this year.
103 Comparative Literature (11) Required Course Credits 5.0
In recognition of the power of the written word and the value of multiculturalism, exploration of representative selections of British and World poetry, fiction, drama and nonfiction is the focus of this thematically arranged course. Language, vocabulary, and writing skills development will be emphasized throughout this course. Students will be encouraged to contrast traditional works of literature with more modern and international content from the fields of Epic Poetry, Speculative Fiction, Drama, Modernism, and Contemporary prose. An MLA style research paper is a major project during this year.

Personal narratives and declamations lay the groundwork for college essay writing.

104 WORLD LITERATURE (12) Required Course Credits 5.0
This course provides a thematic approach to the exploration and study of world literature beginning with a focus on the social, political and artistic roles of a writer. The study of short fiction, the novel, poetry, nonfiction and drama is included. Students are required to read, analyze, and discuss literary works; critical as well as reflective essays responding to literature will be required. Oral communication skills in class discussion will be encouraged and expected. Connections among the literature across boundaries of culture and time will be highlighted. Vocabulary development is infused throughout this course as well.
121 AP English Literature Course Credits 5.0
AP English Literature and Composition is an introductory college-level literary analysis course. Students cultivate their understanding of literature through reading and analyzing texts as they explore concepts like character, setting, structure, perspective, figurative language, and literary analysis in the context of literary works. Plays, novels, literary criticism, and poetry which tells a story are the texts required for this class. Course credit and advancement at the university level is available to students scoring a 3 or more on the examination.

Prerequisite:  Departmental  Approval

AP English Language and Composition is an introductory college-level composition course. In this rigorous course, students hone critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. Students are challenged to gather, evaluate, and synthesize sources from various materials as well as write persuasive, evidence-based arguments. By the end of the course, students will master topics such as the rhetorical situation, claims and evidence, organization, lines of reasoning, and style. Course credit and advancement at the university level is available to students scoring a 3 or more on the examination


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