Retreats are held with each class, allowing students to experience themselves, others and God, as well as foster their role as women of faith in the SDA community.  Campus Ministry, along with the Peer Ministers, plan the activities, witness talks and events that will take place on the retreat.  These retreats are held both on and off campus; which allow students to experience the variety and richness of Catholic Spirituality in the Dominican tradition.

Grades 7 – Designed to help students answer the question “Who am I?” (Identity)

Grade 8 – History of the Dominican Sisters in Jersey City including tour of Dominican sites in Jersey City.

Grade 9 – Dominican Charism

Grade 10- Values/ Faith

Grade 11- Morality/ Faith

Grade 12- Day of Reflection – Designed to reach out to seniors as they begin their last year in school.

Grade 12- Overnight Retreat -Where do we go from here?