Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts Opportunities at SDA

Drama is an introduction to the theatre. Students become acquainted with the history of the theatre and various significant plays. The drama program encourages students to become more experienced, thoughtful, and confident theatre practitioners through creative thinking, collaboration, and project work.

 Drama Club/Productions

Fall Musical & Spring Drama – Drama Club consists of two groups of students: the cast and the stage crew.  Being a part of Drama Club is a commitment. Each group meets according to the rehearsal schedule  handed out after auditions and casting. There are many people needed for a successful production:

  • To be an actor on stage you must audition. Audition notices are typically posted in the hallway, announced on morning announcements, and/or sent out via email to parents and students.
  • Not sure about getting up on stage in front of an audience? Join stage crew!
  • Are you a good leader? Ask about Stage Management.
  • Interested in technology? Be a part of Lighting and Sound Crew.
  • Can you quickly move set pieces and like to be organized? Be a part of our Stage Crew.


Students who take Drama I and Drama II are required to take part in our fall musical and spring play through in-class tasks.

International Thespian Society

The mission of ITS is to recognize and reward excellence among the participants in the theatre arts program. Students are eligible to receive additional Thespian honors, including graduation and honor items, advancement through Thespian honor ranks, and Thespian scholar distinction. Thespians who demonstrate high academic success in overall coursework earn the distinction scholar.