Graduation Requirements

Saint Dominic Academy meets and exceeds NJ Standards and requirements for secondary school graduation.

Fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the Academy requires for graduation the successful completion of a rigorous range of specific courses.

Students are required to successfully complete the minimum number of credits in the following areas

Course Credits
Religious Studies
(Includes 40 hours of community service – 1.25 credits)
  • Full year major courses earn
    5 credits.
  • One-semester courses earn
    2.5 credits.
  • Two one-semester courses are equivalent to a full year.
English 20
American History 10
Physical Education 2
Health and Driver Education 2
Mathematics 20
World Language
(15 credits are strongly encouraged)
(15 credits of Lab Sciences)
World History 5
Electives 20
Art 1.25
Music 1.25
Computer Applications 2.5