7th and 8th Grade – Activities


There are activities for every talent and temperament in Saint Dominic Academy. Each girl is urged to look over the available extra-curricular activities and then join those to which she can contribute her time and abilities, and thus, grow as a well-rounded individual. Any activity should offer each member an opportunity to work with others toward a desirable goal. The fringe benefits should be: a growth in leadership, responsibility, and organizational skills.


In keeping with the charisma of our Dominican tradition, this club seeks to preach the Gospel through social action and prayer. Students engage in collecting food and clothing for the needy, preparing sandwiches and addressing social injustice.

ELAN (Literary Magazine)

Elan is representative of all class years and allows individuals to creatively express their thoughts and ideas through writing, art and photography. It enables students to critique literary and artistic pieces and gain an appreciation for the artistic potential of their fellow students.


Students will explore the culture of France and Francophone. This would include the country’s language, cuisine, art, music, dance, dress and customs.


The “Glee” Club is Saint Dominic Academy’s concert choir and welcomes all students who demonstrate some talent for singing along with dedication and commitment. At 100 members, the Glee Club is the largest club in the school. Its major performances are the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.



Open to all students the school musical is performed in the fall.


The Student Council’s main purpose is to represent the student body, thereby creating a better understanding between faculty and students. The Council consists of an Executive Board and representative from each homeroom.


The following Sports are offered in the program: Dance Team, Tennis & Track.

Other activities may be added.