Service Learning

In keeping with our Dominican Mission and Philosophy statements of empowering women and to hold justice as a priority; we offer our students an opportunity to put into practice the teachings of Christ through the Corporal works of Mercy. They are:Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Visit the Sick, Visit the Imprisoned, and Bury the Dead.

The objective is to acquaint the student with the basic principles of the Church’s social thought and to facilitate their knowledge and understanding of them.  It is our hope that our Service Program will empower our students in the Spirit of St. Dominic as stated in the following:  “The Charism of St. Dominic is meant to bear the fruit of an active apostolate – one that is very much involved in the world. It is a life of contemplation joined with ministry to one’s neighbor”

Over the course of their four years at St. Dominic Academy, a student is required to complete 75 hours of Christian Service as follows:  10 hours freshman year, 20 hours sophomore year, 30 hours junior year and 15 hours senior year.

This faith based service program encourages our young women to put their faith into action by serving in non-profit organizations such as hospitals, day care centers, shelters, soup kitchens, and nursing homes.

Students are also encouraged to participate in Dominican Youth in Action.  The club’s main purpose is to make the school community more aware of the needs of the poor and disadvantaged people, both locally and globally, and to sponsor and participate in events to alleviate these situations. Examples of some activities include:   Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Christmas Giving Tree, Souper Bowl, new/used clothing collection, collecting money for the Homeless Shelter for unwed mothers (Magnificent House) in Jersey City, and sandwich making for local food banks.