Stuco Donates to Women Rising, Inc.

From countless fundraising activities throughout the year, including bake sales, tag days and spirit week contests, the Saint Dominic Academy Student Council raised $1250 which was donated to Women Rising Inc. (270 Fairmount Avenue, Jersey City)

The funds will provide complete room and board for a mother and child for one week.  According to Student Council President Cristina Sabia, the Student Council chose Women Rising as their charity for the year because they wanted the funds raised to support a local organization.  She also said, “Women Rising of Jersey City holds a special place in SDA hearts because of their mission of assisting women and their families. The National Honor Society has collected and donated purses, feminine hygiene products and much more. The Student Council members felt that we could make even more of an impact on their mission, the city community and our student body  by donating the money we raised this year to Women Rising. At Saint Dominic Academy, we are taught to take care of others and in making this donation we were able to lend a hand to people in our local community.” For more information about Women Rising Inc. visit