Students Participate in the IBM Academy of Technology STEM Live Simulcast

The 7th, 8th and 10th grade STEM classes joined the IBM Academy of Technology STEM Live Simulcast on Thursday, September 19th.  IBM’s STEM events focus on innovation, creativity, and motivating young minds to explore new problem-solving opportunities.

     This September, IBM’s Academy of Technology will host its annual public live stream STEM Event, led by IBM Fellow Rhonda Childress.  It will be the biggest event yet, with a live high school audience of 500 and over 20,000 connections expected over the public live stream!  It will be held again in Austin, Texas at one of IBM’s P-TECH high school partners, Juan Navarro High School.

     The theme this year is “THINK and Create the Extraordinary”.  The event is filled with passionate speakers, engaging demos, and lively calls to action that cover motivational technical topics including: Watson, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, circuits, cyber security, and more!