Club Être finds a home at SDA

Club Être is a chapter extending from the community based organization ÊtreGirls. Être is a curated resource site where world-changing girls can find the tools they need, including teen-oriented news sites, pep talks from collegiate female athletes, ways to connect with mentors or volunteer opportunities.  When asked why she founded Club Être, Kayla Stewart ‘20 stated “Être has answers. I, myself, have had countless amazing experiences and opportunities because of Être and I felt the need to share this with my SDA sisters, especially since SDA focuses on empowering young women”. 

CABINET MEMBERS for the 2019-2020 School Year:
Kayla Stewart ‘20 – Founder & President
Nayely Gonzales ‘20 – Vice President
Dafna Bandach ‘20 – Secretary
Fiona Erebor ‘20 – Treasurer
Nas Gunnings ‘21 – Media & Communications

On November 14th Illana Raia, a former attorney, author and the founder of the Être platform will visit SDA to welcome the new chapter, discuss the founding of Être and highlight the resources and role models young women need to change the world. She will also be discussing her newly published book: “Être: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be?”, The book is a magazine-style collection of articles that breaks down big topics like financial confidence, philanthropy, mentorship and entrepreneurship for young ladies and – our favorite part – the book includes quotes from luminary women, middle and high school girls around the country, including four of our very own SDA students! Available for sale at:

SDA girls quoted in the book are pictured above from left to right: 
Kayla Stewart – (2020)
Nayely Gonzales – (2020)
Angelique Maniego – (2020)
Bryll Bautista – (2020