A Health Career Exploration Program

Program Overview

MEDQUEST combines theory and practical application with externships and volunteer work to afford students the knowledge, insight, and experience necessary to pursue various health careers. MEDQUEST provides classroom instruction, practical labs, and field experiences, and some highlights of the program include learning about:

  • Vital Signs
    • Patient Care
    • Pharmacology
    • Medical Assistant Techniques
    • Medical Careers Exploration
    • Phlebotomy
  •  Wound Care
    •  Baby Care
    •  Surgical Instrumentation
    •  Electrocardiography
    •  Assisting with surgical procedures
    •  Suturing

The MEDQUEST simulation lab has four distinct parts: a reception area, an assessment room, a laboratory, and a hospital room.

Students are encouraged to enter the program in their freshmen year, but they can apply prior to their sophomore year after completing the MEDQUEST application.

Program Purpose

The ultimate goal of MEDQUEST is to prepare students to enter medical and health programs which include:

  • Pre-Med
    • Nursing
    • Pre-Veterinary
    • Pre-Dental
  • Pharmacy
    • Chiropractic
    • Physicians Assistant
    • Dental Hygiene


CPR Certifications are obtained at the end of freshman year and they are re-certified every two years.

Four years of the program qualifies students for a Medical Assistant Certification through the National HealthCareer Association.

Three years of the program qualifies students to earn an EKG Technician Certification through the National HealthCareer Association. 

The Medical Assistant Certification and Electrocardiography Technician Certification are lifetime certifications.

Program Qualifications

Applicants should have:

  • An interest in a health/medical career
  • Average or above average grades
  • Good conduct and attendance records
  • Willingness to participate in healthcare activities beyond regular school hours
  • Have submitted a MEDQUEST application 

The application to apply to the program can be found below. 

If a student decides they are no longer interested in a medical career, they may resign from the program and continue the regular college preparatory program the following school year.

MEDQUEST Application