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Each year, the Academy holds Open House events in the fall and the spring.  Information about each can always be found on the homepage.
Dates are set every fall for 8th Grade students to spend the day at SDA with a current sophomore
Each year on the Wednesday before Holy Thursday, SDA holds “A Unique Twist on Freshman for a Day” – 7th Grade Day.  This day is designed for 7th graders to experience what it is like to be a SDA student for an entire day.  In the fall of her 8th grade year, she is welcome to return as a Freshman for a Day.
Schedule a visit.
The Admissions staff is always willing to meet with any student who
wishes to consider SDA for her high school experience. Families are
You must apply to be considered for admission to Saint Dominic Academy.

All applicants are required to submit three items to SDA:

Application for Admission

Apply by Mail:  SDA_Application
For an incoming freshman class, applications must be received no later than December 1 of the student’s 8th grade year.

This application should be mailed by the student to: Kristen Mallon, Enrollment Manager, Saint Dominic Academy, 2572 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Ninth Grade Applicant Record

9th Grade Applicant Record

Students’ should complete the top portion of this form and then submit it to their 8th grade teacher or principal. The school will forward the form to the SDA Admissions Office.

This entrance exam is required of all students interested in attending Saint Dominic Academy beginning in their freshman year. Complete instructions can be found on the HSPT website.

You must register to take the exam which is usually administered in November of a student’s 8th grade year. SDA is a test site. If a student wishes to take the test at SDA, the school’s code number is 826.

A student will receive instructions, and an Admission Form, that she must bring with her to the test site.

Letters of decision are sent to all students in mid-January on a date set by the Archdiocese of Newark.

Students who are accepted at SDA are notified of their class placement (College Prep/Honors) and of financial awards (scholarships/legacy grants/tuition assistance) at the time of the decision.

Families hoping for tuition assistance should apply for financial aid at the same time that the school application is being filed so the award can be given at the time of acceptance. (See Tuition for more information.)

Students wishing to transfer to Saint Dominic Academy must complete an Application for Admission and must have her official transcripts forwarded to Kristen Mallon, Enrollment Manager, Saint Dominic Academy, 2572 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey 07304.

Upon satisfactory review of a transfer applicant’s records, an interview with the student and at least one parent will be scheduled.

Upon acceptance, a transfer student’s tuition must be paid up-to-date before she can begin class.

International Students must be in possession of a legal student VISA in order to be a student at Saint Dominic Academy.

Choosing SDA
Every student will put down her high school choices on the HSPT application; that is how SDA receives each student’s scores.

Please make SDA your #1 choice!

Should you have any remaining questions about the SDA Admissions process,

Kristen Mallon
Enrollment Manager
201-434-5938, ext. 14

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